Lake Balboa, Northridge, CA

“We met Sarah on a whim- she was hosting an open house at a condo that we hadn’t planned on seeing and only decided to pop into last minute. We loved her immediately. Sarah is warm, kind, smart, funny, and no-nonsense. These are all qualities that we found, as terrified and overwhelmed first time home buyers, to be completely invaluable. She was indispensable as we tried to navigate our home buying process. She went out of her way (quite literally) at every turn to make sure we got the perfect home for our family. She counseled us. She brought us boxes. She never made us feel inexperienced (which we were) or made us feel unworthy or cheap. She took late night phone calls. And she became, through all this, our friend. Meeting her by chance set in motion one of the most fulfilling and exciting experiences of our young family’s life and we will forever be grateful to her for her guidance and support. We would 100% recommend her and use her again in a heartbeat.”